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3 ways to save with our design tool

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Whether you're a professional designer or you're just getting started, your day is filled with demands upon your time. Time is a precious commodity, and time, as they say, is money. Here are three ways KnitWiz can help in your business:

1. See your ideas take shape

Creating a design using pencil & graph paper is a tried and true method. Designing this way can also be time consuming. With KnitWiz you simply select a template and modify the shape (dimensioned for a size medium) with our design tool. Then the computer makes all of the calculations dynamically after measurements are entered. When ready to knit, your sample can be knit up to fit your model exactly. If you plan to experiment with shape or stitch patterns, you could choose instead to make a sample in a smaller size. To give you an idea of sweater schematics, here's a picture of the schematics for the sweater I'm working on at the moment:

This is a project for Sarah S., our graphic designer. These measurements are the finished measurements based on her specifically. In this project I hadn't settled on the finishing details so I used a provisional cast on. Here's a photo of the project in progress:

2. Save Money

Tech editing is a crucial step in the design process, and often an expensive one as well. With KnitWiz, this step is eliminated. This is a radical statement and you may be skeptical. That's why you can use the design tool for free, to see how it works, and become familiar with it before spending your hard-earned money. But I digress....

Since each set of instructions is created per project with details specific to the recipient, there is no need for tedious sizing calculations or additional tech editing. Once you sell a pattern, the knitter add's their measurements, reviews/modifies gauge information on the project details page and KnitWiz creates instructions to match. A knitter may change gauge information, or substitute yarns, but they cannot modify your design in terms of overall shape, proportion or stitches used. I need to add a caveat here regarding shape. If you choose a sweater template with a tapered waist, the amount of tapering (if any) will also depend on the recipient's measurements:

3. Make money

With a professional design subscription you may sell your designs anywhere, not just on KnitWiz. In fact, you could create specifically sized pdf's of your designs and post each of them to Ravelry, or allow your customers to purchase a personalized version through KnitWiz, or both. We want people to enjoy knitting, without worrying whether something will fit. And we want you to enjoy the design process. If you have questions about creating with KnitWiz, or how to sign up for a professional account, please contact us. We're happy to walk through the process with you one-on-one.

PS) Stay tuned - we'll be hosting a webinar to walk through the entire process in February - signups for the event will be opening soon.

PPS) We're going to Stitches West in February, 2020 & hope to see you there! Look for us at booth 1134.

Happy Knitting, fellow KnitWizards,


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