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Creating with the KnitWiz Design Tool - updated

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

One of the biggest updates we've made to KnitWiz over the past few months is to overhaul the KnitWiz Design Tool, making it faster and more flexible. In addition you now have the option of using any set of measurements when designing.

Using the design tool is completely optional because every template is ready to use as-is, with a conventional ease of 4"/10cm. So if you're looking for a basic sweater - no problem - just select a template, assign swatches and you'll be ready to get started knitting!

Beyond the basics

The visual design tool allows you to go beyond the basics. Start with a basic template and then modify it to suit the idea that is in your head. Change any measurement by moving the sliders on the right and see how your design looks on a specific body. Want to see it on a different body? Change the model's measurements, and your design is redrawn for the new measurements.

Create your Design

Once you sign-up/sign-in, you're taken to your dashboard. On the left you'll see a lot of options. Clicking on "Start a New Design" displays the "Design Circle":

Get started by selecting any one of the 5 elements (click the link). You may also scroll down and add a new name for your design. Ultimately, your design is ready for assigning swatches when you've added at least one swatch and at least one template (click the shape link) and have saved your changes. This takes you to the design details view:

Assign Swatches

Hover over "Assign Swatches to Pattern Pieces" (it's now green) - & click to open. Then click on one of your saved pattern pieces:

and the pattern-piece details view is displayed:

In the top section, you match up swatches to the different areas of your pattern piece.

Modify Shape

However, scroll down and you'll find the "Play with Shape!" dropdown. Click to open this dropdown. On the left of your screen is the new dynamically-sized model. When using the design tool for the first time, the model is a size medium for either women's or gender inclusive designs. The picture below shows the gender inclusive model (size medium) and the standard template before making any shaping changes:

Use the sliders on the right of the screen to change finished dimensions. It's easy to see which dimensions are changing as you slide, because the dimension circles become orange while moving.

Change Up your Measurements

KnitWiz size "medium" measurements are taken from the Yarn Craft Council. However, if you're designing for others and prefer to use your own set of measurements or a different standard, just add them to your measurements library. Likewise, if you're a maker you may add anyone's measurements to your measurements library, and use those to design with. I'm going to use my own measurements:

Once I select "myself" the template is redrawn for my body size. One caveat is that the "sized for" fields in your measurements must match the "sized for" field in your design. This is in preparation for adding children's and infants models, which will be to a different scale. If this is ever the case, just change the "sized for" field in your measurements.

The template is being re-drawn:

As a maker, using your own body measurements to design with makes it that much easier to visualize how your finished sweater will look. In addition, KnitWiz gives you the flexibility to use any set of measurements from your library when creating projects.

Get your new sweater design in minutes with the KnitWiz Visual Design Tool.

Happy knitting fellow KnitWizards!


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