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Designing for a Knit That Fits

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

This is the first of our three-part series on creating beautiful designs. Our goal with this webinar series is to show that you too can create beautiful designs and that through KnitWiz your ideas can become reality in just a few steps.

At the end of these three nights you will be able to:

· Gather your ideas into KnitWiz and start a knitwear design,

· Understand how to choose stitches and yarns to create swatches that reflect all the parts of your design,

· Chose just the right shape (pattern template) for the design you have in mind,

· Shape the pattern piece to suit your design,

· Put in any details like cast-on methods or how much ease you want,

· Put your measurements into KnitWiz,

· Print personalized knitting instructions,

· And …. knit a beautiful 3 season vest you designed!

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