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Designing With KnitWiz

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Use knitwiz.com software to design your first sweater

Hello and welcome to our series on designing with KnitWiz! In part one, we're going to focus on creating a design and adding pattern pieces. Note that if you're looking to jump right in and start knitting, you may purchase a pattern at at https://www.knitwiz.com/shop. While in beta, we're offering basic sweaters from the KnitWiz Basics Collection. Eventually, collections from other independent designers (maybe even you?) will also be offered for purchase. These are exciting times!

But what is KnitWiz and what can it do for you? In a nutshell, you can...

design and create your own custom knitting instructions for any sweater using any stitch and any yarn, for yourself or someone you love.

Step 1. Ready to Create?

After signing up/signing in, you'll be taken to your dashboard. Now Click on "design" in your top navigation bar. Notice how the sidebar menu changes? Now click on "start designing". You can add a lot of information about your design - give it a name, details about the fit, supplies needed, a description etc. There isn't anything about stitches used (at the moment!) because after saving the info, you'll add pattern pieces, and then assign swatches/stitches to each pattern piece. Fortunately one of our early beta testers, Esther, has come up with the brilliant suggestion of being able to select stitches to the design as you're creating it. It's not implemented yet but after I finish writing this post I'll be working on it. So maybe by the time you read this you'll be able to select the stitches as you design.

Once you've created a design you're taken to the design details view where you add swatches and pattern pieces. Select the swatches you want to use. You may add swatch details, yarns, and stitches (from your dashboard) at any time so they're available to use for any number of designs.

Step 2. Add Pattern Pieces

In the design details section expand the accordion section for adding pattern pieces. Here you'll see all of the available templates. Click on a body template image to add it. If you click on a set in sleeve template, then follow up by adding the sleeve template with set in sleeves.

Once you have your pattern pieces you'll be able to see them. Click on a pattern piece and you are taken to the detail view. Expand that first accordion. Here's where it gets fun! Drag the dots around to shape the pattern piece. Do you want to make a figure-hugging 60's rib knit? A swing sweater reminiscent of the mid-seventies? Or you can simply use the basic template as-is. It's your choice. Now save your changes and open the next accordion. This is where you select swatches for your pattern piece. For example, a typical sweater body will have two sections. Usually about 10% will be devoted to ribbing, leaving 90% for the main pattern stitch. First select a swatch (click out of the box to add) and then edit to change the height to 10%. Voila, you can see a second section has automatically been added.

The third and final accordion section is used for extra collar and yoke information, as well as optional "special instructions": special bind-offs or borders, etc.

What's next?

Wow this is already getting long. You may also view our tutorial videos which walks through all of the above, and finishes with the creation of your first project

Happy Knitting, Fellow KnitWizards!


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