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Fall Winter 2021 Design Call

We are currently seeking four or five sweater or shawl designs for Fall of 2021 through Winter of 2022.

We are open to wherever your artistic spirit takes you. However, if you would like some general guidance for this submission the following is a brief list of our thoughts:

  • Oversized cardigans

  • Fringe

  • New colors for winter (yellow, green, purple, etc.)

  • Sporty

  • Comfortable

  • Vests

  • Anything else that pops into your head or tugs at your heart

We are especially interested in designs which are not too complex and that are inclusive of body shapes. We would like the designs to be in the beginner to intermediate knitter range, but will also consider designs which require more advanced knitting techniques.(Videos of the technique would be helpful in this case).

Design Process

Your designs are as unique as you are. This Call for Submissions is unique as well because you will be designing on the KnitWiz platform.

We know that each design is unique and that the process is unique to each designer. KnitWiz has created a method which allows you to design visually, and without the more time-consuming chores involved in creating knitwear patterns.

KnitWiz is here to help you unleash your creativity. The KnitWiz platform gives you more time to be creative, and gives your customers personalized pattern instructions.

Submission Details

We believe in fair compensation for your talent and your time. The goal at KnitWiz is to provide a platform for designers of every stripe and experience level. If you are just starting out, your designs can find a home here. If you’re an experienced designer, we offer a new and very unique platform for your designs.

Here are the particulars:

  1. Payment of $300 - $500 depending upon the design.

  2. Yarn support, for all accepted designs, will be provided.

  3. We will provide yarn from the Fibre Company or Traveling Yarn.

  4. If you have a wholesale relationship with a different company, you may use their yarn and we will reimburse you.

  5. Yarn support for one test knitter of the designer’s choice will also be provided.

  6. Use measurements of the person who will be photographed wearing the finished sample.

  7. A free one-year Designer Membership on KnitWiz.

  8. Free tutorials on using the KnitWiz platform.

  9. The designer retains the rights to their work

  10. The design is to be published for at least one year on the KnitWiz web site.

  11. The designer will use the KnitWiz platform in the creation of a new design.

  12. The designer may publish the design in any other venue that they wish

  13. The KnitWiz sales contract applies to all published designs

  14. credit card processing fees: 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction

  15. 5% sales fee

  16. platform subscription of $8.95/mo (waived for 12 months from publication date)

These terms are applicable for all accepted designs.

KnitWiz is a new type of design software which allows you to move your design from concept to reality faster than ever before.

We will provide free one-on-one tutorials, for every accepted design, and answer any questions you might have during your design process.

What to submit

A Design Sketch

  • We will accept hand drawn and digital sketches

  • This is an opportunity to show us the elements of your idea. Your sketch should show us the stitch patterns, shaping and other details and how they integrate. The sketch should clearly indicate the overall shape and silhouette.

  • You may submit secondary sketches to present different views, construction methods, etc.

  • Your sketch does not need to be perfect.

A Design Description

  • Please submit a short paragraph or two about your inspiration for this design.

  • We also want specifics about construction details

  • Direction of knitting, shaping, special techniques, etc.

  • Provide us with your idea of the ease and fit for the garment

  • Specifics on yarn

  • We will provide support for yarn from either Fibre Company or Traveling Yarn.

  • Finished photos of someone wearing the garment after the sample is made.

  • The finished product will be yours to market as you wish.

Designer Information

  • Full name and pronouns

  • Email address

  • A short bio (3-8 sentences)

  • Personal webpage and/or Ravelry designer page URL(s)

  • Social media handles (if applicable)

When to Submit

  • Design Sketches and descriptions accepted between July 1, 2021 and July 31, 2021

  • You will be notified no later than August 8, 2021 whether or not your design has been accepted. At that time we will also provide you with a proposal of compensation, aka “the contract”, for your design based on complexity, ingenuity and yarn specifics.

  • You must sign the contract electronically before beginning the sample, not later than August 15, 2021).

  • One-on-one tutorial sessions (via Zoom, or Google) may be scheduled anytime after we’ve received your signed contract.

  • Finished photographs of someone wearing the garment are required for publication. In order to receive compensation, your design must be published on KnitWiz no later than Oct. 15, 2021. (We will help walk you through the publication process).

Please don't hesitate to contact Rolin or myself with questions - cathy@knitwiz.com or rolin@knitwiz.com.

Happy Knitting and good luck!


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