What's your yardage? - part 2

Houston, we have the calculations. In our "What's your yardage - part 1" post I talked about the need for yardage calculations. They are done and have rocketed to the cloud. As a browser/shopper, you can get estimated yardages based on your chest size without an account by visiting the pattern details view: shop -> quick look -> more details. As a designer, you may also use the tool from your design details view while you're designing, in step 4:

You may recall the dilemma in "What's your yardage? - part 1" about making a yoke with a different yarn. I needed to use no more than two skeins, because that was all that was available. I made my swatches (the variegated yarn is for the yoke) by measuring off 18 yards of yarn, then guessing at the number of stitches to cast on to give me more than four inches.

Next I measure the total width and total height of my swatches. This is different than measuring for gauge! For the variegated swatch (in a lovely bamboo stitch) my total width is 5.25 in. and total height of 4.125 in. Going back to my dashboard, I click on "your swatches" in the sidebar, and edit the total width, total height and length fields accordingly. Now when I use the tool above it will estimate yardage needed for all yarns used in my design (steps 1 through 3 in design details). The verdict:

I have plenty of yarn to complete the yoke as designed. Yay!!

Happy knitting, fellow KnitWizards,


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