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The Importance of Being Measured

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

God is in the details. Which of us has not heard that or the reverse ‘The Devil is in the details’. What each is trying to say is that we need to pay attention to the small things in every project for the result to turn out the way we want. This is never more true when it comes to knitting a garment such as a sweater. We need to start by taking the right measurements in the right way at the right spots.

It's best to ask a friend in your pod to help with measurements. But if you are practicing social distancing, you can do this by standing in front of a mirror. For circumference measurements, wrap the tape around your body with enough give so that two fingers fit comfortably between yourself and the tape measure.

You will need a flexible tape measure, a pad of paper or a computer and optionally a straight knitting needle.

Across the Shoulders – Make sure the tape is straight and measure across the back from the ‘bump’ on the top of each shoulder.

Arm Length – Extend your arm and run the tape from the base of the armpit to the wrist.

Arm Opening – This measurement can be taken in two ways. Without using a straight knitting needle place the tape on the bony point at the top of the shoulder run it down to the base of the armpit. Do not wrap the tape under the arm. If you have a straight knitting needle you can place this under the armpit (hold it in place with your arm) and then measure from the bony point on the top of the shoulder down to the top of the needle.

Back - Waist – Place the tape measure at the base of the neck (there is usually a prominent spinal bone there) and run it down to the ‘natural’ waist. Find your natural waist by bending slightly to the side at the waist, and note the point of indentation.

Bust/Chest – Measure around the body at the fullest part of the chest.

Hips – Measure around the body at the fullest part of your hips.

Neck Width - Measure the back width of the neck at the base. Generally this is the width between the two points where the neck meets the collar bone.

Center-back-neck to Wrist – Place the tape measure at the base of the neck (where you found the bone for the Back to Waist measurement) and with your arm slightly bent, measure over the top of the shoulder and along the top of the arm to the cuff or wrist.

Upper Arm – Measure around the widest part of the upper arm or bicep above the elbow.

Upper Chest – Wrap the tape measure around the body, above the bust, and just under the armpits.

Waist – Before you take this measurement, bend to the side and not where your body bends. This is the natural waist and is where you should take this measurement. Wrap the tape around the body at the ‘natural’ waist.

Waist to Hip – You need to remember where you took the Waist measurement and the Hip measurement to get this one. See the descriptions above. Place the tape measure at the point where you took the waist measurement and run it down to where you took the hip measurement.

Wrist – Wrap the tape measure loosely around your wrist.

And.... you are finished. With accurate measurements and KnitWiz you will be certain to get a knit that fits. Happy Knitting!

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