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New Endings

A skein of charcoal gray yarn stares up at me from my worktable. In the midst of all that wool, somewhere in there, was my beginning. In there also is the hat that I had been planning on starting for the past month. It was in there; I just had to begin. For a novice like me, focused on basic stitches, knitting seems like it is all about learning new things, about beginnings. But as I learn more about this craft I am coming to believe that knitting is more about continuing and persevering than about beginnings.

Perseverance is the thing that everyone says will turn bad luck to good; as John D Rockefeller states is the essential element in all success. Rockefeller was probably talking about financial success but I find no difficulty in transferring this idea to knitting. Those of you who are experienced knitters will take this for granted, you are used to beginning with a ball of yarn and ending with a beautiful garment; persevering through all the inches between both ends. I have yet to reach that point. So for me, I am looking for a new ending.

As I mentioned in a previous post, knitting is a new adventure for me. I am part of the duo bringing a company called KnitWiz to life. KnitWiz is an online application that allows users to design their own sweater or to pick from a selection of patterns from popular designers. In either case they will put in their measurements and the KnitWiz tool will create custom fit knitting instructions. This is a new beginning for me; something that will succeed only if we both persevere.

We have made a beginning; in fact we are very close to the end of the beginning. And this brings me back to my soon to be hat. I find it interesting that to begin a knitting project we need to start at the end, the end of the yarn that is, and this leads us, through perseverance, to the beginning of a knitting life.

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