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How I designed "Paintbrush"

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

When designing "Paintbrush" I started with the yarn. What makes it work well is that the yarns complement each other without being overly matching. The semi-solid main sweater yarn is subtle enough to allow the yoke center stage. I also knew it was going to be for my daughter Carolyn, who as she likes to say, sports a computer tan twelve months a year. So I picked a color which looks good on her.

What I wasn't sure about in the beginning was the stitch for the yoke, though I knew I wanted to break up the horizontal nature of the gradient. This stitch does an excellent job of creating a vertical line. Yokes typically emphasize the horizontal plane; not always a good thing for large busted women with broad shoulders. In this case the vertical pattern balances her proportions, de-emphasizing the chest area.

You may also notice a slight optical illusion. This was accomplished in two ways. Decreasing in a non-random way naturally draws the eye upward. And knitting the last few rows on smaller needles reinforces this illusion of perspective. Fortunately, switching between the main body and yoke stitches was easy... the computer did it.

And the finished sweater:

Happy Knitting, Fellow KnitWizards!


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