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Have you heard about the Phrancko method?

A Phrancko Sweater - Top-down - Seamless - Set in Sleeves

Create seamless top-down sweaters with set in sleeves for a beautiful fit using the Phrancko method. Shown here is the perfect-with-jeans from Kindred Knits; a v-neck pullover in Dreamliner by Less Traveled Yarn.

During Stitches West in 2020 I had the good fortune to meet Frank Jernigan, a graduate of the TKGA master hand-knitters program and inventor of the Phrancko method - a seamless top-down sweater with set-in sleeves. In addition to the convenience of being completely seamless, the shaping of the sleeve cap is a true bell-shaped curve.

At the time we met, Frank suggested the possibility of collaborating. Frank is also a software programmer by trade, and has his own website - phrancko.com, where you may purchase a pattern customized for your size. We began working together in June, combining his algorithm for a bell-shaped set in sleeve with the KnitWiz Visual Design Platform.

KnitWiz Templates

The result: KnitWiz now has templates for designing both pullovers and cardigans, in either round (crew) or V necklines. Saddle shoulders and a henley neckline are both in the works.

Construction Method

The following is meant to give you an idea of how the sweater is constructed. Specific instructions are given in the pattern and are personalized to your measurements.

Sweater construction begins by casting on for the back shoulders simultaneously. Once a few rows have been worked, the shoulders are joined by casting on for the back neck. After a few more rows have been worked, the front shoulders are worked by picking up at the shoulders - the join is practically invisible but the pickup stitches add structure.

Once a few front shoulder rows are worked, increases for the front neckline begin. At some point the sleeve cap shaping also begins by picking up stitches along the sides of the shoulder.

When the front neckline is finished, knitting in the round may begin, for pullovers. Sleeve cap shaping is worked according to a specific algorithm to produce the bell-shape. Exact instructions depend on your measurements.

Below is a photo of a finished body. Sleeve stitches have been held on scrap yarn and are now waiting to be picked up and worked in the round to complete the sleeves.

Best of luck on your Phrancko sweater. If you have questions please reach out to me at cathy@knitwiz.com or take advantage of these resources:

Happy Knitting!

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